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THE MATH PARTY: SING! DANCE! EXERCISE! LEARN!© is a motivational musical method of mathematics created by Dr. Stephanie Pasley-Henry, to amplify the interest, retention and achievement levels of students who struggle in mathematics. This program is used all across the nation either as an intervention for students who are considered at risk of failing mathematics, or as a general review for all students.

Professional Development

Teachers Jam to Dr. Pasley-Henry's Division Song During a Professional Development Session in South Carolina.


THE MATH PARTY:SING! DANCE! EXERCISE! LEARN!©  Professional Development sessions are like no other! Educators sing, dance, and exercise and learn to infuse THE MATH PARTY songs into their existing curriculum. The sessions are motivational, inspirational and educational!





Our Student Assemblies, Classroom Model Lessons, and Virtual Classroom Lessons keep students motivated about learning mathematics. Students sing, dance, exercise and learn mathematical vocabulary and step by step procedures to solve what math problems.

Student Assemblies scream excitement!!! Students sing, chant, rap, dance, laugh, beat, compete, and learn, all in one session! Learning becomes disguised, and math becomes cool!! Students leave the session with movements that correlate with math concepts, along with an increased mathematical knowledge base that will heighten achievement scores! The sessions also serve as model lessons for teachers.



Parents come out in record numbers for THE MATH PARTY Parent Trainings! The trainings are wholesome, practical, entertaining and educational. Parents are encouraged to interact with their children while learning songs, chants, raps and movements. Students enter with extreme excitement while they anxiously wait to perform the rhythmic, mathematical routine (learned during the assembly) for their parents. A constructive dialogue about the implementation of strategies at home is conducted, along with a question/answer period.

The Math Party Kits

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