mother/son MOTIVATORS

Mother and son, Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry and Derrick Henry, Jr., are known for motivating audiences  across the country with their uplifting, thought-provoking presentations. Their virtual presentations remain captivating during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mother and son, Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry and Derrick Henry, Jr., are known for motivating audiences across the country with their uplifting presentations. The National ESEA 2020 Conference was their final in-person keynote presentation prior to COVID-19; they have inspired each audience thereafter on a virtual platform. Derrick is a 3rd-grader at Holly Hill K-8 School where he is a student leader. Derrick has presented to various groups of educators encouraging them to engage, and not enrage students. He speaks on a range of topics and entices audiences, young and seasoned, to be the best that they can possibly be. His mother is a former fifth grade teacher and Dean of the College of Education at Bethune-Cookman University. She is recognized as one of America’s most creative and dynamic educational entrepreneurs. She is regarded as a master teacher of cutting edge and best practices for K-12 classroom instruction. An Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker and Certified Fitness Instructor, her greatest professional pleasure has been the many opportunities she has been afforded to host student assemblies, professional development trainings, and parent “party” nights at schools across the nation and abroad. Her strategies, aimed at engaging and motivating students, teachers and parents, are riveting and thought-provoking. Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry is the author of “Engage Us or Enrage Us” and “The ABCs of Black History”.She is the creator of the award-winning learning programs, The Math Party: Sing! Dance! Learn! Exercise!© and The Reading Party: Phonics! Fitness! FUNdamentals!© She is a certified fitness instructor and brings energy to her presentations that electrifies and motivates each educator to RISE and Reach and Impact Students Everyday!