Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry

 is a former fifth grade teacher and Dean of the College of Education at Bethune-Cookman University. She is recognized as one of America’s most creative and dynamic educational entrepreneurs. She is regarded as a master teacher of cutting edge and best practices for K-12 classroom instruction. An Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker and Certified Fitness Instructor, her greatest professional pleasure has been the many opportunities she has been afforded to host student assemblies, professional development trainings, and parent “party” nights at schools across the nation and abroad. Her strategies, aimed at engaging and motivating students, teachers and parents, are riveting and thought-provoking. Her passion for educating children — coupled with her love of music and exercise — gave birth to the unique creation of an educational programmatic system that enables teachers to infuse music and movement with mathematics and reading instruction. The groundbreaking programs that she has published include THE MATH PARTY: Sing! Dance! Exercise! Learn!© and THE READING PARTY: Fitness! Phonics! FUNdamentals!© Her publications include six MATH PARTY Programs: Back To The Basics©, State Test Prep©, Fitness Addition©, Fitness Subtraction©, Multiplication©, and National Standards©; and one READING PARTY Program. Her Reading Party Program© teaches phonics and foundational skills with fitness routines to allow students to move while learning. She has produced 13 DVD’s and 13 CD’s with over 100 original Math Party songs, 40 original Reading Party songs; 12 student activity books and instructional guides; and 7 sets of colorful content-rich posters. Count to 100; Count By 5’s; Subtraction Slide; Polygons; Place Value; Ordering and Comparing Decimals; Converting Decimals to Fractions; Multiplication Slide; Multiplying Integers; Graphing Integers on a Coordinate Plane; Customary Units of Capacity; ABC Song; Letters/ Sounds /Words; Segments and Blends; Prefixes; Suffixes; Vowels; to name a few, are titles of original lyrical lessons produced by Dr. Pasley-Henry. Her programs have been sold in school districts throughout the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, and Japan. Dr. Pasley-Henry is the author of two books, The ABCs of Black History was written after her son presented an unforgettable performance of the poem she prepared for his school’s Black History Program; and Engage Us or Enrage Us: Schools Make the Difference was inspired by her son’s engaging experiences in school. Dr. Pasley Henry and her 7-year old son were featured together as the opening keynote speakers for the National Title I (ESEA) Conference and they continue to inspire educators, parents, and students across the country with motivational messages on various thought-provoking topics. Dr. Henry earned a Doctoral Degree in Curriculum Development and Systemic Change—specializing in Youth and Child Studies, an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, and a Master’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education at Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at Bethune-Cookman University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She was a fifth grade teacher in the Broward County School System and taught Methods of Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers at Barry University. Dr. Henry proudly serves as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incororated and is affiliated with Greater Friendhip Baptist Church. A native of DeLand, FL, she is the wife of Derrick Henry, Mayor of Daytona Beach, and the mother of Michael, Derrick, Jr. and Paisley.